What distinguishes us from our competitors?


10 reference books in 10 years

For over 10 years we have been regularly publishing specialist books on SAP integration at SAP-Press. We were there from the very beginning and have published and documented our competence since the first XI release!

Cloud & OnPremise Competence

As one of the few service providers on the market, we are in a position to design and implement hybrid scenarios for you using SAP's standard integration tools!

We look outside the box!

We are not only familiar with the SAP standard, but also master the world left and right of SAP. In the age of microservices and container technology, we also master the most well-known OpenSource products and can integrate them seamlessly into the SAP world!

The increasing spread of cloud technologies and hybrid system environments, the trend towards the digitalisation of business processes and the Internet of Things are necessarily leading to increasingly complex IT landscapes. Therefore, we believe that integration knowledge will be a necessary core competence to master future system landscapes. So that your projects do not fail due to the integration of your systems: contact us. We are the specialists for complex integration tasks!

Raffel Herrmann & Christian Niermann - Management SAP Integrations

Our specialities in integration


We are the experts when it comes to integrating your systems. We have been working with the SAP XI/PI/PO/PRO products since their introduction by SAP. As well-known authors, we have written almost all of the textbooks on this topic for SAP over the past 10 years. Since good things can still be improved, we have developed tools for integration that we use in our projects. This enables us to implement customer requirements faster and with higher quality than our competitors.


The current trend is towards microservices that communicate with each other via point-to-point communication. These microservices are individual components of an entire application that are connected to each other via RESTful Services. The individual modules can be exchanged quickly, enabling new business processes to be implemented faster than before. Amazon and eBay have been working very successfully with this strategy for some time now. With SCP and HANA XSA, SAP now also offers this option. We advise and accompany you in the design and implementation of your individual micro service architecture.

OpenSource Integration

In the times of "Bring-your-Own-Language", microservices and container technologies, we offer you the possibility to enable your integration based on SAP carrier systems with OpenSource EAI frameworks. Talk to us!

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services

The integration of applications no longer extends to OnPremise scenarios alone. New software solutions are sometimes only made available as pure cloud applications. The mix of OnPremise and Cloud products places new demands on integration. We accompany you on your way to the cloud and with the integration of hybrid scenarios - in the cloud with SCP Integration Services and with the help of the SAP Cloud Connector to your local SAP XI/PI/PO/PRO. Of course, we will advise you on security and performance as well as on your optimal licensing strategy.


Do you have old applications in your system landscape? The old COBOL programs were often replaced at the end of mainframe/host times by client/server programs that were modern at the time. The frontends were usually stored on the PC and programmed in programming languages such as C++ or Visual Basic. The SAP GUI also dates from this period. Today, these obsolete front-end clients are a burden for IT; their integration into the increasingly web-based world is hardly possible. SAP offers the so-called Cloud Foundry Services as a solution in the SAP Cloud Platform. We integrate and migrate your legacy applications 1:1 into these microcontainers and replace the interfaces with UI5/Fiori without you having to completely redevelop your legacy systems. You save time and money - and we'll show you how!

OpenSource CPI-Tools

As SAP integration experts from the very beginning, we believe in hybrid multi-cloud scenarios and in the need to combine them effectively. From the new DIH (Digital Integration Hub) to the classic process integration approaches - we are your partner. As your partner, we also make our know-how available to you in the form of free OpenSource tools in the SCP. Get our SAP CPI Tool (OpenSource / MIT license) today.
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