What distinguishes us from our competitors?


Business and Technology - Microsoft and SAP

The two worlds communicate through us for you! We combine the professional and technical challenges of both worlds. We make unstructured data in document and content management available to your SAP systems as structured data across system boundaries.

Special industry knowledge

We are familiar with the professional and technical challenges involved and have already implemented them for several major customers in the retail sector. Other sectors such as energy, industry and banks are already benefiting from this experience.

We think outside the box!

Do you want your business processes to be mapped comprehensively and integrated? We analyze your workflows and use the latest Microsoft technologies (e.g. microservices, container technologies, O365, Azure-Cloud;...). We also consider the possibility of new architecture models, such as hybrid architectures.

Our professional roots lie in commerce, where we had the privilege of working in different IT areas and functions. We are very familiar with the SAP and Microsoft world, know the challenges of individual development and are happy to pass on our experience to you.

Frank Braun & Christian Strebel - Management Microsoft

Our specialities at Microsoft

SharePoint Solutions

Who doesn't know SharePoint in everyday business life? One of Microsoft's most useful inventions, designed to simplify everyday work. We extend the SharePoint according to your wishes in order to further increase this effectiveness for you. From our own functional extensions such as a complex intranet application as an employee portal to HR applications such as time recording, we build any extension according to your wishes quickly and professionally (product descriptions can be found under "Solutions" in the navigation above).

Individual developments with .NET

Of course, we also master the art of programming outside the Sharepoint server. Whether you need applications in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios or classic OnPremise, our experienced developers implement your wishes and visions in a high quality, cost-effective, effective and fast. Talk to us so that we can introduce you to our different development packages and models that differentiate us from the competition in the art of individual development.

Digital workstation

The digital workplace. A term that is often used. But what is really behind it and how can you make use of the advantages of this vision for your company? We advise you on the basis of our experience to analyze and structure complex organizations. With the solution portfolio of the Microsoft 0365 World we show you ways and possibilities to introduce the digital workplace cost-effectively and effectively in your company. "Out of the box" or by using our modular system, which can be conveniently adapted to your wishes.

Microsoft CRM

At RealCore, we not only use Microsoft's CRM system internally, but are also happy to share our daily experience in the use of this system with our customers. Every industry has different requirements, adaptations and extensions to the CRM system. The integration to existing systems and processes represents a high challenge, also the correct definition of the optimal processes. We are happy to help you!
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