What distinguishes us from our competitors?


Well-known authors of specialist books

We have written 10 textbooks for SAP-Press in the last 10 years and belong to the top consulting companies in this field. Our competence can be read and documented in black and white.

We go beyond the standard

We can do more than just SAPUI5/Fiori. Our team also comes from the "real" web development world outside SAP and masters the latest web frontends and standards.

Architecture know-how

In times of microservices and container technology, "Bring-your-Own-Language" and DevSecOps etc. it becomes more and more difficult to make the right architecture choice. We advise you on this difficult topic!

Speziell in der SAP-Welt ist in den letzten Jahren der Umbruch von klassischen zu webbasierten Frontends immer weiter fortgeschritten. Unser Team ist eine Mischung aus Beratern aus dem Agenturgeschäft und der SAP-Welt. Somit können wir Ihnen eine optimale Beratung der neuen Welt ermöglichen!

Ralf Friedrichs & Roland Schroth - Management WebDevelopment

Our specialities in web development


According to Gartner, the future of BusinessApps is firmly in the hands of WebApps. We build these WebApps for you based on the latest OpenSource standards. We build on the effective single page architecture and use frontend frameworks such as ReactJS and AngularJS (Facebook & Google). In the backend we use node.js or JEE platforms. You will also find the EAI topic in our portfolio for vertical integration, e.g. using open source frameworks such as Apache Camel or W2O, to couple your backend systems effectively and loosely. Talk to us, we are looking forward to your challenges!


The current trend is more and more towards microservices that communicate with each other via point-to-point communication. These microservices are individual building blocks of an entire application and are usually connected via RESTful Services. The advantage is that you can exchange individual components more quickly and thus develop your application faster. Amazon and eBay have been working very successfully with this strategy for some time now. With SCP and HANA XSA, for example, SAP also offers platforms for this technology. In addition to SAP's offerings, we also use well-known OpenSource platforms and would be happy to advise you on possibilities in and around your SAP landscape.

hybride WebApps

When Gartner talks about the future of business apps and moves Web apps forward, hybrid Web apps must of course also be talked about. If, for example, you want to make your WebApp conveniently available to your employees or customers for use on mobile devices via the Google or Apple Store, then there is no way around a native app or a hybrid WebApp. We use various OpenSource frameworks to realize this technically. We can also provide you with offline capability and complete access to the hardware, e.g. for scanner systems.


We are the experts when it comes to developing new interfaces in SAPUI5/Fiori. However, we can do more than just "normal" SAPUI5/Fiori - we can develop our own controls according to your wishes and thus extend the standard. We can also implement offline SAPUI5/Fiori apps for you. With OpenUI5, SAP offers its front-end framework under an OpenSource license. If you wish, we can also build your application outside of SAP with the look and feel of a modern SAP front-end. Our developers are well-known SAP-Press bestseller authors and have, for example, written the current SAP Portal & SCP reference book for SAP-Press. We were there from the very beginning and are at your disposal!
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