Realcore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO
Our PI Tools - Intelligent Solutions for You!


Adjustment of all PI/PO systems!

Our tool can check all your PI systems for inconsistencies! This saves you many manual steps and you can be sure that you have not overlooked anything!

Easy to operate!

Install our PI-Tools in the form of an Eclipse plug-in into your local development environment (NWDS), enter your access data and you can start right away! Do you work in international teams? The RDS is completely translated into German and English.

No installation effort!

Our tool accesses your PI instances from outside via WebServices, uses standard libraries and uses SAP PI/PO's own WebServices! You do not need to install agents on your SAP systems and can immediately connect your PI/PO instances from your workstation!

We developed this product out of the project business, originally for our own benefit, because we wanted to be fast in implementation, but at the same time maintain our high quality standards. Due to many requests we offer this tool to all our customers!

Christian Riesener, Christian Niermann, Raffael Herrmann - Developers of the PI Tools

Function overview of the PI-Tools!

„Enterprise Service Builder“ - Object comparison

With the RealCore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO, you can see all repository objects across any number of systems in a tabular overview. You can see at a glance the status of your development, test and production systems and identify differences quickly and easily. Differences in mappings are also displayed graphically and clearly.

No more missing documentation!

With our integrated documentation modules, you can create a graphical mapping or even a complete interface documentation with just a few clicks. You can also configure your logo and the colors of your corporate identity to automatically brand the documentation. It has never been so easy to keep documentation up to date!

Backup functionality - safe is safe!

With just two clicks you can download all your message mappings, function libraries and imported archives. You can not only secure them externally, but also make them quickly and effectively searchable at the code level.

Go-Live - made easy!

With the advanced search functions in the RealCore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO, you can delimit the last change and the last person to change the repository objects so that, for example, you can only display changes for the current project period. This allows you to see immediately whether all the objects have been transported to the relevant system for productive use.

Configuration scenario Integrity check

Every living system changes over time. New interfaces are added, existing interfaces are expanded or changed. We have developed an integrity check for configuration scenarios so that you always have an overview. This checks whether all objects used in an interface are also present in the corresponding configuration scenario.

Value Mapping-Export

Do you have a large number of value mappings with many entries? Would you like to search them quickly and easily or make them available to other teams and departments? With RDS, you can easily export your value mappings into an attractive Excel spreadsheet.

Interested in a test installation?

You are welcome to test our Realcore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO free of charge for a period of 30 days! Please leave your name and e-mail address and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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