Negotiation and yield simulation with the Kondity app!


Mobile Negotiations

All relevant information for the annual meeting with your supplier is available. Articles with the same conditions can be grouped with one click, negotiation results are documented quickly and with a slider. The result of the annual meeting is generated in real time during the negotiation.

No license costs

We create the connection between front-end and back-end for you and adapt our app individually to your needs. There are no license costs for you!

Flexibly adaptable and expandable!

Our Kondity app is flexibly expandable and can be adapted to your requirements. As a consulting and technology company, we create a tailor-made solution for you!

In practice, the buyer needs information from different data sources in a clear presentation. Simulations on the mobile device ensure an optimal negotiation result. I am proud to be able to offer my customers a mobile solution for this!

Martin Rau - Product manager
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