RealMobile - Our framework for your mobile apps!


100% SAP-Standard

The RealMobile-Suite is fully integrated into the SAP system. Your existing organizational structures, role concepts and function modules can thus be used easily.

Perfect usability and design

The modern and flexible front-end framework of the RealMobile-Suite helps your portals and SAP applications to a new form of user experience with freely configurable design.

Innovative Technology

Use state-of-the-art frontend technology (SAPUI5, HTML5, CSS3, single-page design) paired with an innovative integrator in the SAP backend.

With our RealMobile framework we want to show our customers what is possible in the standard with intelligent extensions! I come from the web agency business and have brought in all my experience in the conception of this modern framework!

Ralf Friedrichs - Management WebDevelopment

Functions of RealMobile


With the RealMobile-Suite you have the possibility to lift all your SAP applications to a new level of usability. You can use SAP's own source code or the ABAP source code you have created yourself. In this way, existing SAP applications can easily be equipped with the latest front-end technologies (SAPUI5, Bootstrap, Angular.js, jQuery mobile, etc.) - in the SAP standard. The RealMobile suite is based on existing authorization and role concepts and can also be seamlessly integrated into the Netweaver portal. Additional administration work is thus completely eliminated.


In addition to the "RealMobile Integrator for SAP", other integrators are also available for Sharepoint and for the SAP Gateway. This gives you the necessary flexibility to mix any information from non-SAP systems with information from SAP systems. In this way, unique, intuitive and informative frontends are created for your employees, which significantly increases the efficiency of your employees and the acceptance of your applications in the company.

Dual concept

Due to the dual concept of the RealMobile Suite, Frontend Framework and RealMobile Integrator for SAP (additionally available for SAP Gateway, Sharepoint, Node.js), an additional middleware with the associated costs for setup, maintenance and hardware is no longer necessary. The RealMobile suite is simply transported to an existing SAP system. Optionally, the frontend can also be stored and loaded from any other location.


The Javascript-based frontend framework is designed for minimal information exchange. It uses standard web technologies to visualize your applications. By designing it as a single-page application, it is even possible to realize entire portals that can accommodate a wide variety of applications. It is irrelevant from which source the information originates.
Through the principle of "communication on demand" to the respective backend system, your applications are considerably accelerated in execution. This is particularly important when mobile terminals are to be used in areas with low reception.
Different UI technologies can also be used. You can choose whether you use SAPUI5, a bootstrap framework, or similar. A mix of suitable UI technologies is also possible.

Interested in a test installation?

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