Our HR Suite - The intelligent solution for HR functions!


Fast installation & deployment!

As a Sharepoint plug-in, the HR Suite can be installed very quickly in your company and can be used immediately without a large project phase!

Completely web-based!

Our HR-Suite meets the latest WebStandards and can be used on all devices with a current browser!

Adaptable and expandable!

We understand that standard products cannot always cover 100% of the customer's processes. As IT experts, we are able to adapt and extend the HR suite very quickly according to your special wishes!

What was originally intended for our own internal HR processes has now met with broad interest in the market. Some well-known customers are already using our HR suite. We also take over the operation of the HR Business Suite from our location in Essen. Personally, I am proud of our product, which I designed myself and which is now used daily by many satisfied customers!

Christian Strebel - Creator and Project Manager of the HR-Suite

Functions of our HR-Suite!

Personnel administration

Are you looking for a central, fully integrated application for your employee administration without spending huge amounts of money? Then use our HR Business Suite.
You decide which modules of the suite you want to use. Assemble your own HR Suite on demand similar to Lego building blocks and expand it over time. You decide for yourself what your suite will look like.

Time recording

Just a simple time recording? Or do you want to assign your employees to projects or cost centers, allow or limit time recording over periods? Via the integrated organization management, your employee's request finds the right superior who approves or rejects. Those affected are automatically informed by e-mail.


Wollen Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern über Ihr HR Portal interne wie externe Schulungen und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten anbieten? Ihre Mitarbeiter können bei Bedarf die Buchungen selbst vornehmen, bei Wunsch mit direkter eMail-Information zum Vorgesetzten, der die Buchung freigeben kann. Bei erfolgter Schulung werden die Daten direkt den Skills Ihres Mitarbeiters hinzugefügt und die Ausbildung vermerkt.

Fully integrated system

You know the challenges:

How can you summarize the data maintenance distributed over different positions?
How do you manage to set up integrated HR processes?
Which approval processes are required and which workflows are required?
Where to put all the employment contracts and personnel documents?
How to train new HR employees efficiently?
These questions are now a thing of the past. We will be happy to advise you!

Organization Management

Manage your company organization with the simple and intuitive handling in the HR Business Suite. All approval processes use org management. The right contact persons are then found for all HR processes. Of course, you can also deploy individual managers and superiors several times and maintain deputies.

Jährliche Mitarbeitergespräche

Nutzen Sie die Erfahrungswerte und verwalten Sie Ihre periodischen Mitarbeitergespräche mit der HR Business Suite. Persönliche wie Abteilungs-Ziele, Weiterbildungen oder auch Zielvereinbarungen für Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter können Sie abbilden und bei Bedarf auch mit einem Workflow vereinfachen.

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