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Condition Management in the SAP Standard

We recommend SAP Standard CCM Condition Contract Management for condition settlement and use its flexible enhancement concept. With our proven add-ons we create optimal solutions for your requirements!

Our solutions - license-free!

Our solutions have proven themselves with a large number of well-known trading companies. We make these available to you without charging additional license costs.

Fast implementation times!

Since we remain in the SAP standard and use our proven add-ons, our implementation projects are completed in a short time. This not only reduces the implementation risk but also the project costs.

I have dedicated my entire professional life to the topic of condition management and know what expectations you have of us. In our industry, a good reputation and the recommendation of satisfied customers is of fundamental importance. I will do everything in my power so that you will recommend us to others!

Martin Rau, Geschäftsführer der rps ramp professional services GmbH (Tochterfirma der RealCore Group für Konditionsmangement)

Our main topics

Conditions management

rps, a subsidiary of the RealCore Group, implements the SAP contract settlement functions for condition maintenance and condition settlement. There are no additional system and license costs. Additional add-ons of rps allow a complete, highly automated condition management with complete settlement of all condition revenues. With the industry know-how of rps and many years of experience in condition management, we will find the right solution for your requirements!

Supplier management

As a subsidiary of the RealCore Group, rps creates individual solutions to prepare annual meetings and further rounds of negotiations with the right information and control them in their course. rps provides planning and simulation functions using SAP-HANA and delivers result-oriented supplier management. Clear and precise statements in the range analysis on article, supplier and further levels are possible.

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