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More than 35 years of management experience in various industries, such as trade, automotive, energy, finance, services, consulting. We know the specific business processes and understand the language of the different levels in companies.


We are constantly updating our knowledge about cybersecurity and data protection. We can react quickly to special situations in companies.


Competence in data protection, cybersecurity and information security paired with many years of experience of our employees in the field of IT service management, operation of data centers and organizational development is the basis for a holistic view of business risks.

"If you don't pay for a product on the Internet, you are the product" - "Over 90% of all successful attacks on corporate assets take place through people" - "There are only two types of companies, those that know they have been hacked and those that don't" - "There are only two types of companies, those that know they have been hacked and those that don't. Just a few quotes, but they say it all. We want to create the best possible conditions for our customers to recognize and manage cyber risks. We attach great importance to respect for human dignity and personally stand up for it with our values of confidentiality, discretion and independence!

Joachim A. Hader - Geschäftsführer secudor GmbH (ein Unternehmen der RealCore Group)

Workout for your organization to strengthen the resistance to cyber risks

Data protection

The legislator has placed the protection of personal data and the right to informational self-determination under special protection.
We advise companies on all issues relating to data protection and data security. We assume the role of external data protection officer for your company.

Social Engineering - Security Awareness

The human factor must not be ignored in all safety measures. More than 90% of all successful data flows and computer crimes are deliberately or unintentionally the responsibility of employees. It does not matter whether they are permanent employees or service providers.

We sensitize your organization to prevent or detect such attacks. On the basis of our "Security Awareness Blueprint" we carry out measures and interventions to sensitise your organisation. These measures range from training and coaching to communication measures in the intranet and print media. By means of targeted social engineering attacks, we check the effectiveness of the measures taken.

Information security

Banks, insurance companies, customers and laws are increasingly demanding that companies prove that their corporate values are protected by comprehensible and sustainable risk management when dealing with cyber risks.
We help you to implement an appropriate information security management system for your organisation based on recognised standards (e.g. ISO 2700x, BSI Basic Protection). We carry out assessments to determine the maturity level of your organisation and your processes and suggest appropriate and economically justifiable risk management measures.
We also examine your development processes in the SAP, Microsoft and content management environment on the basis of guidelines for secure software development (e.g. ISO 27034).

Digital forensic - evidence protection

Digital forensics has long since become an indispensable tool in the detection of cybercrime, fraud and abuse. As in forensic medicine, digital forensics requires proof of one's intuition and qualifications.
Digital forensics serves to preserve evidence in the event of manipulation of data, software, industrial and industrial espionage by employees or third parties.
We analyze and secure evidence using modern tools and programs that are recognized by the courts as secure evidence.
If required, our experts will prepare expert opinions that can be used in court.

Our special service - prevention is better than ....

Banks, insurance companies, customers and laws are increasingly demanding proof that risk management measures in a company are effective and resilient. For example, the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation, which will come into force at the end of May 2018, requires proof of resilience.

We carry out threat and hazard analyses (e.g. penetration tests) as "preventive examinations" for the protection of your company assets. In doing so, we examine IT infrastructures from external or internal sources, Internet presences as well as the organization for weak points and potential threats. In doing so, we rely on professional tools and industry standards (e.g. OWASP).

In addition, we have cybersecurity experts from science and research for industry 4.0 and plant engineering at our disposal. These experts are specialized in the analysis of weak points in industrial environments and the identification of appropriate and sustainable measures.

Threat analysis is a question of trust. We assure you that we work transparently and structured with trustworthy personnel. Our "hackers" are so-called "ethical hackers", i.e. they do not have the goal of attacking and harming, but of uncovering weak points and giving recommendations for action to eliminate them.
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