Hans-Gert Wittenschläger

Hans-Gert Wittenschläger

After studying business administration at the University of Cologne with the subjects organization, information technology and production, Hans-Gert Wittenschläger gained his first professional experience in a chemical company. He familiarized himself with the integrative software SAP (at the beginning still R/2) and was already active in R/3 projects at an early stage. In the group's headquarters, he assumed responsibility for the areas of individual data processing and production, designed and optimized the processes there and ensured standards and norms for the group subsidiaries. During these more than 10 years, he worked in the area of SAP projects as well as being responsible for internal support.

Later, he moved to a large SAP consulting company and got to know SAP projects and application management support from the perspective of an external service provider. He expanded his SAP competence in the logistics modules, but also in accounting and introduced SAP as a leading SAP consultant in projects and as part and project manager in various industries, created templates for roll-outs, introduced them or migrated from legacy systems or other SAP systems.

After more than 30 years of professional experience in SAP consulting and management functions, he joined RealCore in 2016 and founded the current AMS division with Olaf Glebsattel. 

Hans-Gert Wittenschläger is married and father of a son. He enjoys hiking in the mountains and is associated with canoeing, within which he also introduced and operated data processing in a managerial capacity at major regattas (including international regattas and canoe world championships). In addition, due to his early church music studies, he is active as an organist and choir director.



21 March 2018


Managing Partner