Andreas Klein

Andreas Klein

For Andreas Klein, creativity and technology have always been two concepts that do not contradict each other but complement each other wonderfully. This is also reflected in his career, the native of Saarbrücken had after a lively interest in computer science and a partial study in mechanical engineering finally decided to study music. This enabled him to complete his bachelor's degree in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and, with the help of a scholarship, his master's degree in New York City.

Living and working there, Andreas maintained contacts in both the artist and technology communities and eventually ended up at a Music Technology start-up. Thus he closed the circle back to technology and gained experience in the software development of web and mobile applications using the most modern approaches. 

Years later he had to move back to Germany. Andreas brought the know-how from the USA with him and a short time later decided to become part of the RealCore Group. There he now heads a unit in Saarbrücken that specializes in these technologies.


22 March 2018


Managing Partner