Frank Braun

Frank Braun

For Frank Braun, training as an office administrator was not only an entry into his professional life, but also an entry into the world of commerce. Internal support and further training measures in a large German department store group led him through several management functions in the areas of organisation, information management, finance and accounting, HR to object and facility management.     

In addition to various business process reengineering projects, including project management with overall responsibility for the SAP-R/3 FI/CO introduction, Frank Braun was responsible for the establishment, further development and management of the SAP business unit within the IT company. Project management for the group-wide introduction of SAP/HR led Frank Braun back to a leading position within the HR departments.

Due to economic conditions, further process reengineering measures had to be carried out within the Group. The first approaches to digitization through the use of document management systems with the help of workflows (here still SAP) were part of the project responsibility and were successfully implemented. The reorganization of the purchasing of non-trading goods with the introduction of SAP SRM supported the goal of getting closer to the paperless office (today: digitization). The consequence of restructuring areas of responsibility led him back to a leading position in the corresponding department. 

Due to the technical connection of finance and accounting to real estate management, it was obvious to expand the area of responsibility and to continue the digitization in the area of object and facility management. For the first time, Frank Braun established technical and procedural connections between SAP and Microsoft (SharePoint).

In 2015, Frank Braun joined the management of the RealCore Group to make these extensive technical possibilities of Microsoft and SAP with the knowledge and methods of process organization also available to "others".

Here he led and manages a variety of large and small collaboration and SharePoint projects. Taking young people into these projects and his knowledge of "Sharing" is an absolute "MUST" for him.            

Frank Braun is married and father of a son. As a former footballer and tennis player, he now follows his doctor's recommendation (to take iron and be green). He is working on his golf handicap.   





22 January 2015


Managing Partner