Mike Peters

Mike Peters

For Mike Peters, training as a food retailer was the start of his professional life, which he continued in the retail trade to this day. An interim advanced training in programming as well as the first Greenfield introduction of an SAP R3 system in the industry under Release 3.1H paved the way for consulting.

This was followed by a change to SAP Retail Consulting and project implementations in various areas (food, fashion, multimedia, hardware, sporting goods, etc.) and in leading positions (sub-project management, project management, SAP CC management).      


Mike Peters has been a member of the RealCore Group's management team since 2013 and supports SAP Retail Consulting in Essen with a very experienced and grown team. The upcoming tasks with the change in Retail to S/4 Merchandising bring, in current and future projects, a suitable challenge for our Retail Consultants.  



23 January 2015


Managing Partner